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Whale Watching Tours


Meet the giants of the seawith our well experienced guides and our cosy boats!

Warm, tropical seas and a good chance of seeing some of the more unusual whale species, Mirissa is the best place to start your whale and dolphin watching tours in Sri Lanka. We Offer Year Round Whale Watching And Nature Tours Fully.

During our 2 1/2 to 3 hour trips, we provide you with a unique opportunity to view the diverse inhabitants of the Mirissa Beach. Depending on when you choose to join us, you'll have the chance to observe marine mammals such as the Gray Whale, Humpback Whale, Blue Whale, Fin Whale, Minke Whale, Beaked Whales, Orca (Killer Whale), Bottlenose Dolphin, Northern Right Whale Dolphin, Pacific White-sided Dolphin, Risso's Dolphin, Harbor Porpoise, Dall's Porpoise, and Southern Sea Otter. You'll also have the opportunity to view seabirds such as Loons, Grebes, Black-footed Albatross, Shearwaters Pelicans, Cormorants, Phalaropes, Jaegers, Gulls, Terns, and Alcids. And don't forget about sharks, the Ocean Sun Fish, jellyfishes, and even the Leatherback Sea Turtle!

For trip departure times. Check-in time is 30 minutes prior to departure. Whale watching cruises are approximately 3 to 5 hours in duration. Our experience is that this length of time gives you ample opportunity to view whales and dolphins in their natural habitat.

While we can't guarantee a whale sighting every trip, our experience has allowed us to maintain an unsurpassed record for success in this area. We follow the federal whale watching guidelines; stopping the boat at least 300 ft (91 m) away from the whales and allowing the whales to approach us. The spectacular Mirissa coast offers a unique opportunity to observe whales and other marine wildlife from November to April. We offer a safe, fun, and educational trip for the whole family to enjoy.

Blue Whale

The blue whale is a marine mammal belonging to the baleen whales. At 30 metres in length and 180 tonnes or more in weight, it is the largest extant animal and is the heaviest known to have existed.

Baleen Whale

The baleen whales, also called whalebone whales, comprise one of two parvorders of the artiodactyl infraorder Cetacea.

Spinner Dolphin

The spinner dolphin is a small dolphin found in off-shore tropical waters around the world. It is famous for its acrobatic displays in which it spins along its longitudinal axis as it leaps through the air.

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